onetec® The new RWS process

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High season for flawless skin!

onetec® is our technological new development, with which cosmetic problem areas can be removed immediately. Thanks to the new RWS (Radio Wave Spectrum) method, it is now possible to perform gentle and effective treatments that produce truly spectacular results.

Predefined programs and a convenient menu control make operation easy and easy to learn. The power output of the system in terms of pulse strength and pulse duration, as well as modulation of the pulse spectrum is precisely controlled by microprocessors. As a result, gentle treatments with minimum tissue load are possible.

With onetec® you treat symptoms like:

  • Rosacea
  • Fibroids
  • Little veins
  • Haemangioma
  • Spider times
  • Pigmentary disorders
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Unwanted hair
Onetec Behandlung
Onetec Couperose Behandlung
Onetec Vorher/Nachher

Vectus® – the new generation of diode laser technology for epilation

Powerful, fast, painless

Vectus Laser

Epilation – still the most common laser treatment

The Vectus® laser system redefines the standards of permanent hair reduction.

Huge effectiveness, unmatched performance and minimal pain treatment characterize this advanced system.

Palomar – a Cynosure Company – has been a pioneer and inventor of laser epilation since 1997 and holds the patent for this worldwide. With one of the most successful epilation lasers in the world, the company significantly defines the standards in permanent hair reduction.

The Vectus is the result of a worldwide research and development work, combined with the input of the most experienced German epilation experts in one of the most important laser markets in the world.

With the Vectus you gain the synergy of numerous innovative and proven technologies in one system, tailored to your requirements and the needs of your patients.

The Vectus diode laser with 800 nm wavelength is approved for all skin types I-VI. Thanks to its two different spot sizes – one 12 mm x 12 mm and one 23 mm x 38 mm spot – it can be used flexibly, both in small areas such as the upper lip and chin as well as in large areas such as. B. legs and back. A handpiece change is not necessary. As with all of his systems, Palomar uses sapphire as the applicator material. A big spot, the maximum clock frequency of 3 Hertz and the so-called “gliding mode”, in which the handpiece is passed over the skin without settling, allow particularly speedy work:

So z. B. a complete men’s back can be treated in less than 10 minutes, which favors a high patient flow.
Vectus laser construction

Vectus Laser Aufbau


As an additional tool Cynosure offers the external melanin measuring device Skintel, which can be used to measure the current melanin content of the treatment area. These data are then transmitted via Bluetooth to the internal database of the Vectus® and are included in the parameter configuration of the system. Thus, Skintel provides safe and at the same time effective treatment parameters for every treatment.

It is the only FDA-approved melanin meter in the world to use light-based systems.

Cynosure Skintel

Here are the results:

* Treatment results may vary.

Pictures: Dr. med. Sean Doherty

Hair loss:

Haarreduktion nach Behandlung mit Skintel
Vectus Laser

The intuitive menu navigation on the Vectus® touch screen allows individual treatment settings for your patients.

Vectus Handlaser

A lightweight handpiece allows the treatment of larger areas without fatigue of the arms.

Cynosure Skintel
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Vectus Laser Datenblatt


  • Powerful diode laser for epilation
  • Higher energy yield through photon recycling
  • Less treatments needed
  • Significantly more effective on fine and less pigmented hair
  • High output with short and long pulses


  • Flexible use for small and large areas due to different spot sizes – without handpiece change
  • Extremely fast for large areas such as legs, back due to large spot and high repetition rate
  • Short treatment times and thus high blood flow
  • No consumables / no additional cooling costs
  • Delegable performance
  • Transportable, divisible


  • Uniform power delivery without “hot spots”, thus higher security
  • Low-pain and safe patient comfort through extremely powerful contact cooling
  • Intuitive menu navigation via touchscreen
  • Approved for all skin types

N-Lite laser once in NRW


Kimgolden Aknebehandlung

0% side effect

Skin rejuvenation

Kimgolden Hautverjüngerung

87% improvement

Scar treatment

Kimgolden Narbenbehandlung

3-5 treatment required

Advantages of Nlite V

  1. Numerous applications
  2. Low-pain and gentle on all skin types, including tanned skin
  3. Safe treatment results and years of confirmation of treatment results. Numerous clinical studies.
  4. Extremely easy handling and virtually no risk of side effects

Fabstofflaser with a difference.
There are 2 different application modes available for each treatment (Smatpuls mode and Vascular mode).

treatment protocol
Skin structure general, fine to medium colors and acne scars: Three treatments, interval 2 weeks, treatment cure 1x per year.
General skin structure, deep wrinkles and acne scars: Five treatments, interval 2 weeks, treatment regimen 1-2x per year.
General skin structure, deep wrinkles and acne scars: Five treatments, interval 2 weeks, treatment 2x per year.

In case of vascular treatment, do not take any blood thinner 2 weeks before.
When skin is rejuvenated 1 hour before and 1 hour after treatment no nicotine ingestion.
140% collagen buildup within 3 months of development.

The target structure of the laser light

Body reactions to Nlite treatment Transmitted substances are released. Collagen production is significantly increased. Strong anti-inflammatory reactions are triggered. The immune system is activated.

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In addition to pure services, we offer you another opportunity to profit from our wealth of experience in the field of cosmetics: Training in NLite laser therapy. The NLite laser therapy is a scientifically well-researched therapy with a variety of uses, as you can see here.

Treatment video

With us you learn how to handle the NLite laser system. These include the application areas for the laser. Which settings are to be selected. How long the treatment must last and with what strength. After completing the training, you will be able to independently provide your customers with NLite laser therapy.

Media presence

Media presence

You not only benefit from the experience in dealing with the device, but also from the media presence. As you can see, both the BBC and ITN News are excited about the method and give you free advertising.

New skin in 5 days

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